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Resolute Talbot goes from pampered child to slavery then escapes and makes a life for herself by weaving. When British tyranny crushes the colonial spirit, she turns from white linen to blue wool, making and smuggling uniforms for the Continental Army through British lines.

My Name is Resolute Release Date
February 18th, 2014
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is a story of courage and convictions set in the eighteenth century. Resolute Talbot, with her brother August and sister Patience, is spirited away from the island of Jamaica in 1729 to the shores of the New World, where, in the decades before African trade became more lucrative, indentured children and transported convicts outnumber colonists. Among her chores she is taught to spin and weave fine linen. After escaping, she finds herself alone and adrift in Lexington, Massachusetts, and struggles for acceptance in society as a young woman without family. Betrayed by her first love, she falls back on her skill with a loom to survive, convinced that love is beyond her reach until she meets a young woodsman living a double life and wanted in England. Though fate separated her from her brother and sister, they at last reunite. When British rule begins to crush the Colonials, even to the confiscation of linens and blankets, Resolute begins to work in secret, hiding her craft and smuggling goods to keep Patriot soldiers clothed. Ultimately she becomes a friend of Margaret Gage, the very real wife of the commanding general of the British Army in America, and to Resolute goes the privilege of carrying a message between Gage and the Reveresí silver shop on the night of April 18th, 1775, changing the course of American history.